That Was Quick: Social Me Suspended Again

Yesterday Inside Facebook reported that Facebook application Social Me had been reinstated on the Facebook Platform after a two week suspension due to concerns over privacy policy violations. However, as of tonight, Social Me has disappeared from the Facebook Platform again.

That didn’t last long. Apparently, Social Me didn’t resolve its issues to Facebook’s liking and has been suspended by Facebook a second time.

The on-again, off-again availability of Social Me is sure to have an impact on the app’s reputation with its millions of users, and is emblematic of life on someone else’s platform: if you don’t play by the rules, your whole business can get shut down at the drop of a hat.

Facebook has been taking a more aggressive stance recently to enforce its privacy rules to protect the trust that users place in the service every day. Several sources indicate that Facebook is working on updating its developer terms of service and is only likely to be increasingly active in enforcing its privacy policies in the coming months.