That was fast: Gruber rockets out of ICM in only 9 months

EXCLUSIVE: FishbowlLA has it for you first: International Creative Management talent agent Michael Gruber has left the agency after only nine months.


Gruber, you might recall, worked at Creative Artists Agency for years as an agent to George Clooney, but left in 2002 (over an embarrassing “misunderstanding” stemming from a real estate finder’s fee he’d hoped to receive after helping broker the sale of a 25-room, $7 million Italian villa to Clooney. When Clooney found out about the finder’s fee, he hit the ceiling; Gruber hit the bricks.)

It’s not clear where Gruber’s headed next, though insiders say he announced his departure via agency-wide email today.

Why so short a stay? Insiders point out that some of Grubers clients stayed with ICM for an even briefer visit than his own: Actor client Mike Epps,for example, signed with Gruber and ICM in March, and was gone by June.

Could Gruber be producing films full-time again?

Stay tuned!