That Promoted Trend Is Looking Pretty Cheap Now

Last week we wrote about the price increase for Twitter’s promoted trends, which now cost $120,000 a day.

We also noted that Paramount had bought the promoted trend for that day for “Super 8” to promote “secret” screenings across the country.

That $120,000 investment brought in $1 million in revenue, BoxOfficeMojo reports, and was number one in box offices over the weekend.

On the other hand, Paramount also spent money on Super Bowl and American Idol ads.

But–to get back to social media marketing and clever ways you can harness this for your own business or clients–Paramount also got into Quora, putting J.J. Abrams up to answer four questions about breaking into filmmaking and directing children.

As AllthingsD’s Liz Gannes reports:
“‘We wanted to do something special for the fanboys specifically, and we know that a lot of their interest lies in J.J. himself and how he thinks about projects,” [Amy Powell, who is Paramount EVP of interactive marketing and film production] said. Powell reached out to Quora and proposed that they could be part of the promotional push. Quora’s Marc Bodnick, himself a huge movie buff, responded to Powell and helped put the concept together. He personally wrote the four questions Abrams answered.”

It’s not clear, Gannes says, how many of those opening ticket sales should be attributed to Quora. But that could be because Abrams is notoriously secretive—not the kind of person who takes to social media that readily. Try this again with the Gary Vaynerchuk movie* and let us know how it goes.

*We wish this existed.

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