That Jill Abramson Startup Might Have to Wait

Elements in the way include Harvard and a surgeon married to a surgeon.

Ahead of a recent appearance at the inaugural Women’s Conference of Florida, former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson spoke with the Tampa Bay Times. The paper’s first question related to the current status of the new media startup Abramson initially planned to devote her time to, post-NYT.

Based on her answer, that enterprise, assuming the startup still moves forward, may have to do so without her or, at best, count on Abramson in a smaller, advisory capacity. Abramson  described the enterprise as “stalled:”

“It was going to be the focus of my work, but now I have a full load with teaching at Harvard, which I love doing. I’m teaching two courses each semester next year. I have signed up to write a book about the tumult in our profession and where it’s heading. I write a political column for the Guardian and I’m a new grandma. My daughter is a surgeon married to a surgeon and they live in Boston. During the school year I live with them to be an extra pair of hands and heart. So I’m pretty booked.”

Wow. That’s not just a busy schedule, that’s also a great premise for a sitcom (All the Diapers That Are Fit to Change). Someone, get on it. The last question posed to Abramson by by Tampa Bay Times staff writer Justin Griffin is about Hillary Clinton. Reading Abramson’s answer, she could just as easily be talking about herself.

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