When I’ve Run Out Of Things To Say On Twitter, That Can Be My Next Tweet!

Well, this is a curious novelty.

Web-based app That Can Be My Next Tweet! let’s you enter a Twitter username – your own, or anyone you choose (no password necessary) – and will instantly generate your future tweets “based on the DNA of existing messages”.

It’s mad, pretty hilarious, and if the mood takes you, even gives you the option to send the suggestion to Twitter. I guess the real question is: will any of your followers notice?

Essentially, the website strips out some key words from your recent tweet arsenal, throws them in a blender and churns out a message that’s kind of like something you might say, if only you were seriously intoxicated and had developed a moderate speech impediment.

I entered my username, and this is what it came up with.

To be honest, the SEO on that baby is so strong I’ve already started writing it for tomorrow’s feature article.

Next, TechCrunch:

I enjoy MG Siegler’s posts, but this might be pushing it even for him.

And while we’re in the world of tech, I wonder which hot new products uber-early adopter Robert Scoble is tipping at the moment?

Thinks! Scoble is backing thought. And there’s a bonus: videos are better when you’re seeing them. You read it here first, people. What a guy! Always ahead of the curve.

One more: what does That Can Be My Next Tweet dream up for fast-charging Canadian teeny-bopper Justin Bieber?

Ah. The website must have broken, as this appears to be one of Bieber’s actual tweets.

Scratch that. On closer inspection, it’s every one of his tweets.

For more fun, head on over to That Can Be My Next Tweet! and enter some profile names, including your own. Or as I meant to say: