That’s A Facebook Photo Of … What’sHerFace

Facebook's new timeline profile will make more and more photos easily accessible and public, but how many people in those photos do you actually know?

As the average number of friends people have on Facebook grows, the likelihood of knowing all of them diminishes.

That’s the crux of What’sHerFace, a new game that challenges users to name their Facebook friends based on tagged photos.

The game launched last Friday, and it has already drawn 3,000 unique visitors, with 800 playing it out. The results: Players posted an average score of 70.3 percent in terms of recognizing their friends.

Here’s what the What’sHerFace homepage has to say:

People are getting smarter about their privacy online. By now, we all know to restrict our profiles so that only friends can see our personal information. But after three, four, five-plus years of social networking, do you still even know all your friends?

That guy from that other middle school in eighth grade? What’sherface from the party junior year? They may still be lurking around, and they can see everything that grandma can’t!

Readers, how many people on your friend list do you actually know?

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