Thanksgivukkah: Best or Worst Marketing Stunt of the Year?

We honestly can’t decide, especially after reading this perfectly trollish Slate piece calling it the worstest thing ever for mixing religion into the food-and-booze mix and emphasizing the differences between people (ugh).

Here are some facts we learned about the “holiday” this afternoon:

  • The original inspiration may have occurred in an episode of The O.C.
  • The “brand” was created last year by—get ready for it—a marketer based in Boston! Yes, we know you were thinking New York, but we’re not responsible for everything. Just most things.
  • Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has turned it into a city-wide event along with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies 
  • Creator Dana Gitell collaborated with the hip retailer Modern Tribe to sell some t-shirts and posters, donating 10% of proceeds to hunger charity Mazon
  • This 9-year-old created a “menurkey” (yes, that’s a turkey menorah) and raised nearly $50K on Kickstarter to produce and sell it
  • There will be a Thanksgivukkah Festival in L.A. on Thursday
  • Whole Foods isn’t really “all over it”, but they did write a blog post
  • The Jewish Daily Forward let us know that George Washington ordered everyone to celebrate the first official nationwide Thanksgiving on December 18, 1777, thereby ensuring that the world’s first Thanksgivukkah would occur two years later

We’re not quite sure what to make of it all, but we do know two things:

Most importantly, Stephen Colbert hates the idea:

The Colbert Report
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…and here’s the “Rap Battle Between a Turkey and a Dreidel” winner of the Manischewitz contest:

So we’ll call it a draw.

(Picture courtesy of AP/ModernTribe)