Thanksgiving Recap: Beyoncé, Black Friday Mayhem, and More

PRNewser took a break over the long weekend with all of you and while we were in a food coma, a few interesting things were happening out in the world. So let’s do a quick recap shall we?

-Beyoncé is looking for a firm to revamp, Ad Age reported. The article says she’s unhappy that the current site doesn’t show the depth and breadth of all that is Beyoncé, and she’s getting involved with the search, seeking a new site in two days. Thoughts on this assignment?

-Walmart is still trying to get away from the 2008 Black Friday tragedy that led to the trampling death of a store worker by talking up its crowd control measures. Nevertheless, store openings Thursday evening/Friday morning got crazy with one woman taking a lesson from the pepper spray cop and zapping people to get at her discount goodies. More people across the country were shot, robbed, and arrested.

“Except for a few unfortunate incidents, we’ve heard positive feedback from customers and our associates going through the biggest shopping day of the year,” said a Walmart spokesperson Greg Rossiter. Umm… The crazy pepper spray lady later turned herself in. The video above captured that mayhem. Definitely not good PR.

-The AT&T/T-Mobile deal has temporarily been put on hold and one Marketwatch commentator says the lack of PR could be to blame.  “So they wonder what happened with the T-Mobile deal. Let me try to summarize for the AT&T executives: If everyone hates your guts, don’t expect a helping hand when you are in trouble,” the story reads. In addition to “everyone,” the Federal Communications Commission wasn’t so happy with the deal either.

-Rihanna, who somehow manages to be everywhere all at once these days, has passed the 10 million mark on Twitter. Meanwhile, semi-retired tweeter Ashton Kutcher has dropped out of the top ten, in terms of followers. In the past hour, she’s posted eight tweets. At left, a sampling of her deep thoughts.

-The NBA lockout is over and the players are tweeting about how happy they are. Now let’s see if they’ll all follow some of the advice our guest writer offered last week.