TGIF: A Flask that Imitates an iPhone

Imitation is flattery, because the only better thing than an iPhone is an iPhone flask that holds your favorite booze. The iFlask is the product of recent graduates and bros Ethan and Dan from Indiana University whose initial project Kickstarter failed. This did not deter the team, as they’ve managed to set up a relatively simple webshop to spread the joy of drinking.

While in college we had countless friends get open container tickets during tailgates or complained about paying too much for drinks at concerts and sporting events. And unless you’re a 70 year old talking about the good ole days, carrying around a standard flask looked kinda weird! We knew there had to be a better way to discretely bring the joy of throwing one back with your friends to countless events worldwide…Thus the iFlask was born!

The product in its current form is made from Polyethylene and Polycarbonate with stainless steel lid and bottle opener. The flask is capable of holding up to 5 ounces of alcohol that you access through the sliding metal lid. Each flask comes with a collapsible funnel for easy refill – because alcohol.

It might look strange if you have two iPhones… so maybe this iFlask and Google glass would make the perfect combination.