Textplus Untethered: A Smarter OS That’s More Like Your Snarky Best Friend Than “Her”

Her is the OS existentialist subject of the moment. Admittedly, we all have a Her, but until recently, that Her, was usually a real life person. Now that we’re all comfortable with Her being more than just real individuals, OS systems are almost expected to have more identity, personality, and possibly even human foibles.


Here to explore that is Textplus Untethered. With a bit of philosophical snark, and a whole lot of sarcasm, they’re bringing some real life advice to us via smartphone stories, what else?

Smart(er)Phone helps you navigate through awkward texting situations and, like a digital Jiminy Cricket, will give out helpful life advice. On the other hand, knowledge is power—it’s also sassier than Siri and will call you out if, for example, you try to lie about your height on OkCupid or forget to log that pint of ice cream into your food calculator.

Would you use Smart(er)Phone? Take a look at the feature in action in the screenshots below.


For more, visit Textplus.



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