Textfree for Android Gaining Momentum

Pinger, the makers of the texting free and talking free apps, has launched its Textfree 1.2  for Android with Facebook Chat integration. Textfree by Pinger is the texting/instant messaging app for iOS and Android devices that provides the users their personal texting number with unlimited texting and IM for free. All you need is a data connection for free chat with other Textfree users on their mobile devices or on the web.

Textfree was launched on Android just 4 months ago but has already reached the number of Textfree users on iOS phones. According to comScore, Textfree is gaining market share at approximately four times the rate of iOS, resulting in vast expansion of Pinger’s significant user base. Joe Sipher, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Pinger said:

We’re excited to see the rapid growth in Android as a platform. The fact that it’s already equal to iOS phone users in a few short months is nothing less than stunning.

The new Textfree 1.2 with Facebook chat Integration allows users to directly chat with the Facebook friends as part of the app, instead of flipping between applications. Pinger expects to delight its devoted user base on Android with this new capability. Around 60% of the Textfree users on Android have choose the app over the native messaging app, despite already having an unlimited texting plan from their carrier.

You may download Textfree for Android or iOS here.