Text Fudgie, Get Ice Cream

carvel_cup.jpgFor some of us, Fudgie the Whale, the famous spokeswhale for Carvel Ice Cream, will always be an icon we remember from bad commercials during Saturday morning cartoons.

Luckily, Fudgie and his famous ice cream cakes and other frozen confections have moved into the 21st century. Not only does Fudgie have his own MySpace profile, he now has his own SMS short code. Carvel cravers who text “FUDGIE” to 78247 will get a coupon for savings on a blended coffee or Arctic blender. Showing that he knows how to treat his friends well and not just bribe them with ice cream, Fudgie will also enter his text buddies into a sweepstakes where they can win a 42-inch TV.

Carvel partnered with Brand Movers on the opt-in text-messaging campaign.