Texas Instruments CPUs now Netflix Certified – Device Support Should Expand Soon

TI has has announced that its OMAP4 CPU, its latest generation SoC platform, has been approved by Netflix for the 1080p HD streaming video. This appears to be the first time that a mobile platform has been approved.

“Netflix already has a rich heritage of streaming to PCs, Macs, game consoles, Internet-connected TVs,  iPhone and iPad, and many set-top-boxes, so we sought a semiconductor partner that could bring our service to the broader mobile environment smoothly and securely,” said Bill Holmes, Vice President Business Development, Netflix. “TI’s OMAP architecture and M-Shield security will set the stage for a high-performance, low-power, secure platform that will help Netflix members instantly watch unlimited TV shows and movies on Android devices.”

This is great news for Android owners. If you ‘re like me, you’ve been watching as support for Android was added 1 device at a time, waiting in agony for your phone to be added. even with the hackers working on adding less-than-authorized support, the delay has been frustrating. Hopefully this certification will mean that all (or at least most) phones running on a TI OMAPs CPU will soon be able to use the Netflix Android app.