Texas Abortion Clinics Fighting to Stay Open With PR ‘Truth Tour’

Will #FightBackTX encourage other states in PR efforts?

Arguably, nothing on this planet is more polarizing than the topic of abortion.

Pro-lifers spew their vitriol at pro-choicers, and the exchange of disdain is given back in full contempt going the other way. Regardless of how you feel personally, let’s chat professionally.

What if your client was an abortion clinic — what would you recommend?

If your immediate answer was “go on a Truth Tour,” then you are better at your job than most of us are at ours. That’s exactly what San Antonio-based clinic Whole Woman’s Clinic has decided to do, after a Texas law placed some harsh (and some believe unnecessary) guidelines on the state’s abortion clinics under the guise of “protecting women’s health,” so says the lawmakers in SCOTUS case HB2.

The guidelines are shutting down many clinics, which has sparked Whole Woman’s Health CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller to take her claim — she’s the plaintiff, BTW — to the press.

“This is seen as the reproductive health, justice, and rights case of a generation,” said Miller to Reuters.

“When you say a woman has to travel 250 miles each way to access health care that is supposed to be protected by the constitution, we are making a very strong case that is an undue burden which disproportionately affects large segments of the population and needs to be struck down.”

She is referring to one of the laws that says abortion doctors must have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. In short, if a local Texas hospital won’t take said clinician’s word to admit a young girl, the hospital has the right to deny that woman services.

Again, this is meant to be an objective take, which is why PR is involved — to help shape opinion, communicate fact, and offer a point-of-view. That’s why #FightBackTX has been taking over trends across Texas cities, which advocates like this:

It’s a march across the state many advocates want to walk, and now public relations is helping provide Whole Woman’s Health some direction. Only one thing…

MEMO to Miller: In case your PR firm hasn’t advised about your clinic room decor (see above picture), it’s hard to take you seriously when the quote you choose to plaster on your wall is from a marginal comedienne.

[PHOTO: REUTERS/Darren Abate]