Tetris Gets Friendly with Tetris Friends on Facebook

Before Snood, before Dr. Mario, and before Scrabulous there was Tetris. Tetris is the ultimate in old school puzzle games. A killer Cold War-era soundtrack, a great concept, and an increasingly challenging game design made it one of the first real gaming hits.

Tetris Friends is the best adaptation I’ve seen of Tetris to the Facebook Platform. Tetris Friends is actually three variations of Tetris in one – Marathon Tetris, Tetris Solo, and Tetris Blockstar. The latter is old school Tetris while Tetris Solo is a time-based game that pushes you to rack up as many points as possible in the time allotted. Marathon Tetris is the updated standard game with better graphics, a remixed soundtrack, and the ability to see where your block will be placed before you place it (that’s cheating in my book). The interface is friendly and you can even pause the game and adjust various controls including sound and affects. It’s one of the first games I’ve seen to afford the player those kind of options.

The social elements for games like this are all there: You can challenge your friends, see their scores, or invite other players into the game. That said, there have been Tetris versions in the past where players can compete in real-time against each other, including things like bombs and various other traps to screw over the opposing player. So Tetris Friends is well-adapted to the Facebook setting, but it has room for improvement.

Tetris Friends is easily the best Facebook Tetris game I’ve seen, and worth checking out if you, like me, can’t get the theme song out of your head.

Game play: 9

Development: 8

Music: 9

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