TestFairy Lets You Beta Test Android Apps For Bugs

Want to test your Android app before putting it out to the general public? Check out TestFairy a free tool that lets you watch how your customers are using your app so that you can tweak and make refinements before widely releasing the app.

To use the platform, you have to upload your Android app file to the TestFairy platform and format the file with TestFairy’s platform on the back end (no SDK required). Then you can distribute the app and the software can help you do tests and pinpoint where any issues lie through a dashboard. You can look at how different variables affect their app, such as the device, the available memory, the network bandwidth, battery power and phone signal. You can even watch videos of what a user is doing on the app to identify any issues.

Flayvr, Tawkon and GetTaxi have all used the service. (Via TechCrunch).