Test Yourself With Signal Patterns

Signalpatterns.com tries to blend personality tests to social networking. You first take a test with a series of questions and rated answers, get your personality type and what that means to you, and then you can link your profiles to meet “like-minded” people. The other function that is offers is to find out your music patterns as well. It gives you clips of music to listen to and then asks you to rate how much it is within your preference. Once your music pattern is discovered, a customized list of songs is available to download. The website then gives you the option to meet people that match both your personality and music patterns. Signal Patterns states that they are dedicated teams of scientists that are interested in helping people learn more about themselves. They are also curious to understand the relationship between personality, behavior and preferences. How does understanding yourself and your preferences better enable you to find your dream job? This is an example of a question that Signal Patterns has set out to answer.

All in all, the website is set up nicely and is easy to use. I encountered some glitches the first attempt to take the tests, but sent an email to tech support and tried it out a few days later. The second time was a charm; the test went through flawless and the questions intrigued me enough to convince me to finish it.

You can keep up with Signal Patterns by checking out their blog.