Test Your Lyric Knowledge With LyricWiki

Sean Colombo of RIT has made a pretty cool application that allows you to flex your lyric knowledge. This definitely seems like a first shot at would could be a really excellent application. LyricWiki seems similar to the iLike application except that it isn’t flash based and there is no time limit on questions. Come to think about it, the only thing that the two apps seem to have in common is that they are both quizzes of your musical knowledge.

You can play based on genres or allow the application to pick random selections. The only downside of this application is that it seems extremely easy. I was able to guess 8 songs in a row without much though since there were so many words provided. It would be cool if this application was similar to the old “Name that tune” game show. Instead you would name the tune based on the number of words instead of notes. Regardless, if you consider yourself a musical connoisseur, go check out the LyricWiki Challenge application.

LyricWiki Play Page

LyricWiki Rankings Page