Tesla’s Elon Musk Still Thinks The New York Times Is Out To Get Him

On Wednesday we advised Tesla founder/eccentric weirdo Elon Musk to stop insisting that The New York Times auto critic John Broder intentionally sabotaged his Model S test drive because he hates electric cars.

We are shocked to learn that Musk did not take our advice, instead releasing another lengthy statement in which he critiqued nearly every element of Broder’s highly detailed follow-up to his initial post.

We won’t get into the technical specifics as others have covered them extensively, but here’s a good example of the nature of this tit-for-tat showdown: Musk accuses Broder of driving in circles in order to intentionally run down the car’s battery; Broder says that he was simply trying to locate one of the company’s poorly-lit Supercharger stations. He said, she said.

Again, we understand Musk’s desire to protect his baby.

And it is interesting to note that the Times article stands out among a sea of positive reviews for the Model S; last night CNN approximated Broder’s route with much better results, and the coming “debate” should be very interesting.

But our conclusion remains the same. This little spat reveals one unfortunate truth: While electric cars are crucial technological developments that should be encouraged in the interest of our planet and everyone living on it, the Model S currently retails for $100,000 and has technological limitations that other automobiles do not–it took CNN’s people 13 hours to make a trip that would normally eat up about half that time. Musk can keep pushing back against the Times report, but his efforts won’t get the Times in his corner or change the fact that Dick and Jane will not be charging their cars’ batteries before taking Jimmy to soccer practice in their 100% electric car anytime soon.