Tesla Rehires Former PR Chief from Square

teslaYesterday we learned of yet another change in the PR department at Elon Musk’s Tesla: the company has rehired Ricardo Reyes, who served as its PR chief before leaving for a similar position at credit card processing company Square in 2012.

Bloomberg Businessweek broke the news, which comes less than two months after the departure of former Nissan comms/marketing VP Simon Sproule. In case you missed it, Sproule served less than six months at his new gig after joining the Tesla team in March; while Businessweek attributes Sproule’s departure to “struggles he faced trying to hire more staff,” others seem to think he was “poached” by 007 fave Aston Martin after a former colleague became CEO at that company.

For the record, Reyes was not with Tesla during the uproar about a negative New York Times review that Musk himself called “fake.”

So what will Reyes be up to in his new/old position? In what almost feels like an extended response to that NYT dust-up, the company’s newest initiative involves batteries. Just yesterday, a financial analyst told CNBC that these batteries are a more important part of Tesla’s business than the vehicles themselves, saying that “battery technology that can get houses off the grid” could also “change society” in profound ways.

At the very least, it should be interesting to watch Tesla continue to promote itself without investing in traditional advertising. The news is also big for Square, which just announced that it will partner with Apple Pay to help spread Cupertino’s newest service to more retailers.