Terry Anderson’s Daughter Finds Personal Peace

AP chronicles the long journey of Sulome Anderson.

HostagesDaughterCoverReleased last fall, The Hostage’s Daughter is all about Brooklyn-based journalist Sulome Anderson’s attempts to pick up the pieces of a puzzle anchored to her father’s kidnapping. Terry Anderson, then AP’s chief Middle East correspondent, was famously grabbed by Shiite abductors in Beirut in 1985 and held captive until 1991.

Check out fellow AP reporter Larry Neumeister’s great lede:

She tried drugs. She tried arguing. She tried writing a book. After a quarter century, the daughter of the longest-held American hostage during Lebanon’s civil war says she’s found her father’s love. And it took coming face-to-face with one of his captors to do it.

The AP story has a cluster of great photos as well. Daughter Anderson met Terry for the first time at age six. Neumeister also spoke to dad, from the latter’s home in Orange, Va. A crisp, thought-provoking piece.

Jacket cover courtesy: Dey Street Books