On the Golf Course With Hunter S. Thompson

Esquire excerpts Terry McDonell's forthcoming memoir.

TheAccidentalLifeCoverA 12-gauge shotgun in the host’s golf bag? Check. Enough acid tabs for everyone? Double check.

While former Esquire editor in chief Terry McDonell’s memoir The Accidental Life isn’t due until August, his one-time magazine home teed up the Memorial Day weekend with a tantalizing excerpt. The author recalls a late afternoon excursion to the Aspen Golf Club, following his arrival in Colorado with George Plimpton:

After we had each hit five balls, Hunter said it was time to get serious and we rode the cart to his favorite hole, the 14th – a short Par-3 straight shot over a large pond. The Aspen course is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary and the pond was full of geese…

Each of us would hit five balls in a row off the tee and then proceed to the green to putt. Only our best ball would count. We were all in for $1,000, Hunter said.

To find out who passed on the acid and who was prompted by the final strokes on the 14th green to toss their putter into the aforementioned pond, read on.

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