Pakistani Journalist Checks Back In with Recent U.S. Visitors

Earlier this spring, KFI AM 640 news anchor Terry Anzur kept a great running diary of her 10-day visit to Pakistan. Along with five other journalists, including San Francisco Chronicle editorial page editor John Diaz, she ventured to Islamabad and Karachi as part of Honolulu’s East-West Center Pakistan-US Journalists Exchange program.

Today, local counterpart Tehmina Qureshi checks back in with new pals Anzur, Diaz and co. to find out about their overriding memories of the second half of the excursion (Karachi). Even though the U.S. group arrived immediately following the very disruptive murder of a local political activitist, Anzur says she was impressed:

“I’ll never forget the young faces of Karachi. A little girl sang and smiled for us during her first week of kindergarten at a non-profit school operating on the edge of a slum. Bright-eyed older students radiated enthusiasm for learning and illustrated why so many people find hope in Pakistan’s educated youth…”

“The students in the madrassa we visited were more restrained, but we saw the intensity in their faces as they recited from the Holy Quran. Young parliamentarians and college students debated the issues facing their country with energy and passion. I came away convinced that any investment in Pakistan’s youth will have a huge payoff.”

As part of the same East-West Center program, ten Pakistani journalists traveled to Washington D.C., New York and Columbus, Ohio for similar meetings and discussions. Anzur also chatted upon her return about the trip with KFI colleague Gary Hoffman. You can listen to that audio here.