Terri Irwin Comes To Conde Nast


Last night Conde Nast Traveler along with Tourism Australia and Partners held a cocktail party at the Conde Nast building at Times Square, launching Australia Week. After fine Australian Rieslings and delicacies from down under, Conde Nast Traveler photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel gave an entertaining slide show of their adventures across the outback. But the main speaker, Terry Irwin — wife of the deceased and beloved Crocodile Hunter — regaled the audience of jaded writers about her courtship with Steve Irwin.

Apparently, a doctor had told the couple after the birth of their daughter that if they wanted to conceive a brother for Bindi Sue Irwin (named after a crocodile and the family dog, we cannot fail to note), Steve would have to, uh, keep his nether regions cool. While surfing one day in the cool Pacific, Irwin dramatically peeled off his wet suit, to which his usually patient wife, Terri, asked, ”What in God’s name are you doing?”

Steve replied calmly that he was committed to having a son, as a complement to his daughter. Terri Irwin, ever the Australia Week pitchwoman, concluded from this experience, ”Australia is good for family planning.”

(image via rikksrevues)