TEO: A Smart Bluetooth Padlock Controllable by Phone

Kickstarter’s latest smart lock project is a simple one that lets you control the locking mechanism with your smartphone rather than your keys. It’s perfect for people who are more likely to lose their keys before your smartphone. Like other smart lock technology, this is a battery powered bluetooth device that lets you share and control access to storage spaces or rental cabins.

The padlock hardware itself is designed to be at least as theft-resistant as existing options on the market, as well as rugged and able to withstand all kinds of weather while keeping the smart features operational. It’ll be made by Heliox Tech, a manufacturer based in California that has worked on U.S. military and underwater tech for nearly a decade, though the design is from Vancouver-based Form3.

The old adage goes, a lock only keeps an honest man honest, so if you’re concerned about being entirely theft-proof, there’s probably nothing that will guarantee perfect security.

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