Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Gets the Chocolate Deal She Asked For

Is this a good idea?

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Women’s tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is back on the winning path, reaching the US Open final last fall (she lost to Serena Williams) and climbing the ranks up to number five. And things are only getting better.

According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, Wozniacki mentioned in the media that she wanted to have a chocolate deal like top men’s player Roger Federer, who has been a spokesperson for Lindt for quite some time. In fact, she said she’d do the job for product; she wouldn’t need any cash payment. With that, Godiva decided to give it a try.

“Caroline has a global presence and is a great fit with our brand symbolized by Lady Godiva,” said Godiva chief executive Mohamed Elsarky.

Wozniacki has a number of sponsorship deals, including sporting brand Bobolat and Rolex. The Washington Post says she earns about $10 million annually. (The WSJ actually mentions that she forgot to pick up her check for $1.45 million for her finals appearance at the Open. Must be nice.)

But there’s no indication here that Wozniacki asked specifically to be a spokesperson for Godiva chocolate. Does that make a difference? In this case, it doesn’t. She certainly seems enthusiastic about the opportunity. And if Godiva says she’s a brand fit, then we’ll have to take their word for it until it proves untrue.

This is a unique situation, probably not one recommended for too many companies. More often than not, a brand wants to take time to find greater synergies and really determine if the spokesperson in question is a fit for the spirit of the product.

Here, Wozniacki clearly doesn’t have an interest in money, though she’s probably getting paid. And she’s expressed an interest in repping a chocolate company. The story of how the two came together is enough to generate stories in top-tier media outlets already, making it a win for Godiva, at the very least in the near term.

And if that isn’t enough, her buzz quotient has gone up recently because she made an appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

So kudos to Godiva for stepping into a cool PR opportunity and maximizing on it. If that’s not enough, it looks like Wozniacki will relish the chance to indulge in lots of chocolate during her downtime, a little bonus publicity for the lucky chocolate company.