Tencent’s Robot Rising now playable on Facebook

Tencent’s new sci-fi action role-playing game Robot Rising is now in open beta on Facebook.

Robot Rising is an action game where players control mech robots from a top-down perspective and engage in real-time combat as they roam around futuristic settings. Players can customize and eventually build their own robots to use during the game’s quests. Although Robot Rising is on Facebook, it features much higher-quality graphics than typical with most games on the social network.

Robot Rising was built by Stomp Games, Tencent Boston’s development studio, and created using Unity. Social features right now are a bit limited, but players can invite friends to be neighbors and exchange gifts and components with them. Stomp Games tells us there are plans to let users visit friends bases, view the robots they’ve created and provide buffs to said bots. Finally, we’re told that things like full-scale multiplayer (bot co-op and player-versus-player), an auction house and item trading are part of the long-term plans for the game.

Check out the game’s trailer below.