Ten-Year-Old Highlighted In Racism Story Finds Support On Twitter

Twitter is going crazy right now about a little guy who dressed like his footballing hero, Leeds United footballer El Hadji Diouf.

Why? Because in addition to donning the player’s uniform and distinctive white mohawk, he spray-painted his skin black. Most people could care less – and Diouf loved it – but apparently this has caused a “Twitter race storm,” according to The Daily Mail – and people are jumping online to voice their support for the little fella.

The Daily Mail piece shares the after a ten-year-old Leeds United fan posted pics with Diouf on Twitter, he faced “a backlash from users who said he was racist.”

But the primary school child said he did not realise it would be offensive and did it as a tribute to his footballing hero.

But if you search on Twitter for Diouf, you’ll see that every tweet supports the boy. There are a few that jokingly call it “slightly racist” or they may ask “do you think this is racist?” but we’re not seeing anything amounting to a “Twitter race storm.”

Good question.

This exchange on the topic is interesting, considering:

We reached out to Mr. Bellwood for some clarification, but he did not immediately reply:

But there is a silver lining to having your ten-year-old image associated with such terrible words: lots of new fans for this little fan. His follower count just keeps growing as word spreads.

So feel free to reach out to the little guy @LufcKai to voice your support and help him weather this nonexistent storm. Oh and in case you’re wondering: his account is closely monitored by his parents.

(Boy on laptop image from Shutterstock)