Your Twitter Homework Assignment: Unfollow 10% Of Your Network

Is Twitter getting on top of you? Are you using lists and groups to keep up with all the people you’re following? Does the very idea of wading through your home feed make you go cold? Who the heck are most of these people, anyway?

There’s only one thing you can do: purge.

Don’t hesitate – do it now. There’s nothing to fear. It will only take 5-10 minutes, but the benefits are huge.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make a note of how many people you are currently following, and then divide that number by ten. This is your target.
  2. Go to your following page on
  3. Scroll through the names one by one.
  4. Every time you don’t recognise an avatar or username, or cannot instantly produce a valid reason why you are following that person, unfollow them.
  5. Repeat until you’ve hit your target.

(And yes, if one of the people you can’t justify includes me, then go ahead and unfollow. I absolutely insist. I’d love to think I’ve earned a place on your feed, but otherwise I definitely should not be there. Unwanted is unwanted, and clutter is clutter.)

When you’re done, stop and take a look around. Listen. Doesn’t that feel better? Has that constant drone become a little bit softer? If it hasn’t, you need to go deeper. Move back to step one and purge another ten per cent.

But if it has… wow. Take a deep breath and enjoy. You’ve earned it.