Ten Days in Cape Town, A Life in the History Books

It’s in the air, these design competitions. But unlike, say, pitching in and entering a contest to design I Love My Cat.com’s brand new site, it’s a lot more tempting if there’s the potential that your work might live on forever in the history books. Such is the case with South Africa, whose government is calling for its citizens to redesign a new emblem for Parliament. Here’s some of how to win and what happens after you do:

Parliament’s joint rules committee had agreed that the new design should reflect: Africa; SA’s multi-cultural society; a break with the past and a new beginning; the unity of the country’s people; the stature and dignity of Parliament; and, historical continuity.

All designs received would be used as “an inspiration for the final design.” A total of 20 entrants would be invited to an all-expenses-paid design workshop in Cape Town, where the final design would be developed.

The workshop would take place in October, and the new design would be ready for unveiling in May next year.

Note: we’re not 100% on the image we’re using in this story is the emblem being replaced, as South Africa’s Parliament site isn’t connecting for us. Though we did some internet searching and are pretty sure that’s the one, if you’ve got the correct emblem, please drop us a line.