10 Android Apps Every Google Nexus One Owner Should Have

I just got my Google Nexus One a couple days ago and I’m already enjoying it. It’s not better than the iPhone but certainly at par with it in terms of features and capability. And just like when got my iPhone – I immediately look around for great apps to download.

To help you decide which Nexus One apps to install on your brand new unit, here are my top ten Android Apps so far.


What is a smartphone without a Twitter app? While there are several of them available at the Android Market, Twidroid is possibly the best. It’s robust, fast and has all nice eye-candy that you would look for in a smartphone app for Twitter. Twidroid is a full-featured Twitter app for Nexus One and other Android smartphones. Some of its features include – postings, mentions and DMs, view user profiles, follow/unfollow, native retweet option, threaded view for DM and more. It’s available as a free and paid premium versions. The paid premium version cost $4.95 but gives you Lists, multi-account suport, bit.ly and some other advanced features.

Facebook for Android

Correct me if I’m wrong please. This app I believe comes preloaded in the Nexus One, right? Because I don’t remember getting it from the Android Market. Anyway, like Twidroid this could possibly be the best Facebook app for Android. It lets you stay connected and share information with your Facebook friends, share status updates from your home screen, check out your news feed, look at your friends’ walls and user info as well as share photos from your Android phone. Best of all this is a free app.

Google Goggles

When I got this app, I’m not the only one who was immediately impressed by it. Even my wife exclaimed how cool this app was. Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken using your Nexus One’s camera to search for entries about that picture. It’s best when searching for information about a product using its barcode. But you can also just take pictures of other consumer products and most often than not, you’d get a reliable search result. Works best with books and DVDs, logos, landmarks and more. Believe me, you’d be impressed at how this app analyzes the picture you take.

Places Directory

Another great Android app to install on your Nexus One. At first I thought it would not work in the country where I am (definitely not U.S.) but it actually did. Using my Nexus One’s GPS feature, it was able to locate bars, restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments nearest to where I am at the moment. It’s a great app to have for finding best places to visit whether you are dining, drinking or watching movies. It even lets you rate those establishments you’ve visited.

ES Task Manager

This is a pretty simple and yet useful app that you might want to use on your Nexus One. It lets you kill active applications and even those running in the background. You can kill apps one by one or simply kill all. Why would you want to do that? To save some battery life of course whenever you are not using other apps which remained open and running.

Beautiful Widgets

The default Widgets use by the Nexus One may be beautiful already, but this app makes it even more beautiful. Originally created for the HTC Hero Phone, this app transform your Nexus One’s default widget icons into something better. It includes a larger 4×2 clock widget as well as weather widget with option for setting your location.

Pandora Radio

The Nexus One’s media player app is not as good as the iPhone’s iPod although both iPhone and Nexus One does not have native radio app, who says you can’t enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations on your Nexus One? Pandora Radio makes it all happen. The best Internet radio streaming app that your Nexus One could possibly have. You all know how good Pandora is, go ahead and install it on your Nexus One.


It was hard to create customized ringtones for the iPhone. In fact I never bothered to create any. But with my Nexus One I will definitely create more MP3 ringtones. And with a little help from this app, I will surely be able to create more. This app lets you create tones, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV, AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files. It lets you easily indicate the start and ending notes of the ringtones using the sliding arrows along the timeline and then pressing start and end to record the point. You have to use it to appreciate how good this app is.

Handcent (SMS)

Handcent SMS is a FREE enhanced SMS & MMS application for Nexus One and Android phones. Its features include – Compatible with android phones,including HTC Dream,Magic,HERO ,MyTouch 3G, Cliq,Droid,Moment,Tattoo,ERIS,and of course Nexus One, fully support SMS and MMS, fully customizable, power SMS Pop Up window, group sending SMS and MMS, beautiful UI, support additional font pack and more.

If you often send SMS, this app will be a nice addition to your Nexus One’s applications.


I check my Google Reader subscription a lot on my iPhone. So, I wanted the same application on my Nexus One. Good thing I found ReaderScope – a very robust application that lets you read RSS feeds from your Google Reader account, Google News and even Twitter. It also lets you read online/offline, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, share over SMS, email, Twitter, Delicious and more.

There you go, 10 Android Apps that you might or should install on your Google Nexus One phone. If you know of other great Android apps please tell us by leaving a comment. I’m still on the look out for more Android apps to install on my Nexus One.

To download these apps, just search for them from the Android Market on your Nexus One or Android handsets.