Temps Need Bennies Too

Temporary staffing firms are beginning to offer standard benefits like health insurance, vacation pay, and 401(k) plans, Workforce reports. Temps like it, of course, but the companies using temporary workers also see benefits as an advantage: the staffing firms that keep their employees happy with benefits are more likely to be able to retain their workers, which means less turnover.

Workforce didn’t jump to this conclusion, but we’ve mentioned in the past that employers are increasingly turning to temps to get their work done: they have more business that needs doing, but aren’t confident enough in the economy to hire a full-time person. So it’s possible that newly-flush staffing firms are needing (and able) to compete to get their people in the door.

Anyway, if you’re temping, ask about benefits. The companies mentioned in the piece that offer or have recently added benefits (though obviously there may be more companies that offer benefits) are:
Express Employment Professionals
Labor Finders
SOS Staffing
The Nelson Family
Award Staffing
Reliable Staffing Services
Accuro Group