Temple Student Riding High as @Jesus_M_Christ

Can nothing tarnish the glory of one of Twitter’s most successful messiahs? Apparently not.

Per a fun profile piece in Philadelphia magazine, Temple student Josiah Schlatter is fast approaching 400,000 Twitter disciples with his account @Jesus_M_Christ–despite having once flown out to LA to accept a National Lampoon prize from the less-than-godly Andy Dick. This particular social media savior has done remarkably well for himself, considering he launched in the year 2010 A.D.:

“Once people started retweeting, the ball started rolling. Pretty soon we had a decent amount of followers. The rest is history,” says Schlatter, who notes there’s been a definite uptick in tweeting God imposters since he began…

“The best part about tweeting as a ‘God’ is that you can basically have an opinion on anything. But lots of people try to tweet. Most people fail.”

The article also has some interesting analysis from Temple media and popular culture adjunct professor Lauren Kogen. She suggests that the social media trend of false prophets is in keeping with today’s reality TV and media saturation flavors.