New Social Analytics Product Tellagence Discover Helps Marketers Filter Twitter Noise

Social analytics company Tellagence has debuted a new product called Tellagence Discover, a social research and analytics tool empowering digital marketers to segment an entire market on Twitter using a single word.

Recognizing the dynamism of Twitter, in that conversations are far from static, Tellagence identified a need for marketers to dive deep into the language of followers’ and prospects’ tweets.

In this way, marketing teams can apply traditional segmentation tactics to Twitter audiences, marketing to consumers with similar attributes to increase conversion.

Matt Hixson, co-founder of Tellagence, said in a statement,

“What social and digital marketers need to do is determine consumer preference by identifying how a market behaves without segmentation or limiting feedback. Only then can marketers truly drive social strategy, product development, marketing, and communications. This is what Tellagence Discover delivers.”

Basically Tellagence takes an unbiased inventory of conversations on Twitter within a topic that you determine, then returns to you the overarching themes of conversation taking place on Twitter, so you know exactly what audiences can be targeted.

Here’s a look at Tellagence Discover (click to enlarge each image):

Social strategy is no longer as simple as predicting what consumers will be talking about, then looking for those conversations and inserting yourself into the dialogue.

It’s now become more laser-focused to the extent that you must know, rather than be conducting guesswork around, what your customers and prospects are discussing and whether it’s relevant to you.

Tellagence’s mission is to “enable the next generation of communication through [the] ability to predict changes in behavior, adapt and dynamically allocate marketing’s resources across the growing and dynamic social networks people use.”

Its Discover product is a great step in that direction.

Interested marketers can view pricing information here.