Tell Your Boss What You Really Think of Her on Twitter, Without any Repercussions

Ever wish you could say something on Twitter, but you had to bite your tongue because of a little thing call “reputation management”? Want to let someone know how you feel, but too afraid of the tweet storm that might follow? TwitterLeaks lets you tweet anonymously, getting all your frustration out without having to deal with sticky situations involving bosses, exes or coworkers.

The premise is simple: just visit the TwitterLeaks website and either cycle through their pre-approved tweets (“I’m glad you’re using 4square – now I know where not to be”,”Good God. Why are the dumbest ppl always the ones in charge? Where the hell is Darwin?”), or type one of your own in the text box and wait for it to be approved.

TwitterLeaks checks for spam and XXX rated posts, so keep it (semi) clean and you’ll be able to publicly vent without anyone knowing it came from you!

The approved tweets show up on the TwitterLeaks Twitter account. They only ask that you do not @mention someone in the tweet (wouldn’t that ruin the anonymity of the whole thing?) and that your tweet is in English. Other than that, anything’s fair game!

So go ahead, tweet your daily frustrations, your cynical observations, your snarky comments for the whole world to see… anonymously.