“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” Rarely Tells You Something You Don’t Know

From last week’s “Chris Matthews Show”:

    “In this country where it is so tricky to talk about race, if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee… it’s going to be very hard for a Republican to attack him.”

From Sunday’s “Chris Matthews Show”:

    BOB WOODWARD, WASHINGTON POST: “The real fault line in American politics is still the Iraq war. It is the most important thing going on in the world; it is going to be the most important thing going on in American politics. Disclosure: I’m writing a book about it, the fourth book on Bush and his wars. And if you think ahead in any version of events, the new president — he, she — is going to have to make some really hard, important choices about that war, our foreign policy, the Middle East, and that needs to be discussed more in the campaign.”