Telefonica To Roll-out Facebook Services in Europe and Latin America

Cellular-news reported today that “Telefónica has inked a gloabal agreement with internet social networking site, Facebook to integrate access to Facebook’s mobile service and applications from all of Telefónica’s mobile portals.” This means Telefónica subscribers in Europe and Latin America will soon have access to Facebook.

This comes at a time when Facebook continues to experience rapid growth abroad, especially in Latin America. The company has stiff competition abroad though. This new integration will enable users to send messages and photos to Facebook directly through MMS. In the U.S. Facebook already has text message support for many features via the number 32665 (or “FBOOK”).

Mobile is an increasingly important component of Facebook’s growth both domestically and abroad. The Facebook iPhone application as well as the Facebook Blackberry application have proven to be extremely successful. There’s a good chance that this success will be duplicated abroad.