Teleworking Declined In 2010

flickr: striatic

Despite technological advances, videoconferencing (even from iPads!), blazing fast Internet, and the availability of at least one Starbucks per every square mile of the U.S.*, the number of Americans telecommuting dropped in 2010, a new study shows.

The survey conductors, from the World At Work, a nonprofit focusing on HR issues, say that a number of factors are to blame. One is job insecurities, where employees anxious about their jobs likely figured that if they put in more “face time” they’d be less likely to be laid off.

Another is high unemployment. If there are fewer people working, there must be fewer people working remotely.

Still, 26.2 million Americans put in at least one workday outside the office per month in 2010. That’s down from 33.7 million in 2008, the first decrease since 2003 when tracking began.

However, those who telecommute regularly are doing it even more regularly; out of the people who did telecommute, 84 percent worked remotely at least one day a week, and 45 percent did so daily.

Do you telecommute? Are you more or less productive?

*That is a ridiculous and probably untrue fact.

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