Anonymous TV Exec Breaks Down Dreaded TCA Reporter Types

The only thing missing from the TCA rant in the January 20 issue of the Hollywood Reporter magazine is which categories of journalist the author feels THR attendees fall into.

Bemoaning the general direction in which the press corps at the annual TCA Winter and Summer sessions has moved, this particular “Anonymous” breaks them down into seven distinct types. The bracket that resonated most for FishbowlLA is the following, as there’s no doubt Twitter has pulverized the hackneyed old concept of a delayed article “deadline:”

THE TWIT: Spends the entire time tweeting back and forth with a few other like-minded tweeters, each working mightily to be the most clever and impress other tweeters… Only marginally engaged in what is happening onstage, unless it’s a session about the marketing implications of Twitter… Value of output to those paying to display their wares? Zero.

The final category of journalist listedTHE FEW, THE PROUD–is the only positive one. And Anonymous insists “it’s them we do this thing for.” Pat yourselves on the back, TCA-FP chapter. You know who you are.