Television and Politics Dominate This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Television shows dominated this week’s list of Top 20 Facebook Pages, a list we compile with the help of our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans joining a Page weekly. Six of the 20 spots were taken up by TV shows, the top two by Zynga, a couple by chick flicks, three each for sports and politics and a few other Pages helped by consolidations on April 15 and 21 were also mixed in.

On a side note, we delayed the publication of our list this week due to f8 coverage, so the list covers the last 7 days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1.Texas Hold’em Poker17,323,551+329,222+1.94
2.Mafia Wars11,895,159+181,629+1.55
3.Family Guy3,017,587+136,552+4.74
4.LETTERS TO JULIET161,893+135,722+518.60
5.Antanas Mockus390,290+110,883+39.69
6.Eat Pray Love235,707+104,673+79.88
7.Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III1,341,938+98,294+7.90
8.Partido Verde312,840+96,395+44.54
9.Lady Gaga6,076,521+94,070+1.57
11.South Park3,768,249+68,360+1.85
13.Türk Bayrağı3,527,183+66,930+1.93
14.Two and a Half Men1,839,701+62,902+3.54
15.The Office1,398,797+62,020+4.64
16.Anything About Guns200,903+61,009+43.61
17.Manny Villar1,241,794+60,723+5.14
19.FC Barcelona1,600,524+54,477+3.52

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars still reigned at the number one and two spots, respectively, this week. Growth of these fan Pages for Zynga’s popular games has not gone unnoticed by the company, which thanked fans on the Poker Page on Saturday for helping to make it the largest fan Page on Facebook.

Poker added 562,500 fans to its 17.3 million tally on April 15, but had otherwise steady growth even as the game was giving away camcorders and iPads to fans. Mafia Wars is now pushing 12 million fans and also experienced a spike on April 15, of 148,400 fans.

In third place on the list was the popular satire “Family Guy” which added more than 136,000 fans as of a week ago to surpass 3 million fans; many of these came from a 39,300 spike on April 15 and another spike of 92,200 on April 21. Medical drama “House” was tenth on the list, adding almost 84,000 since this time last week to have more than 3.3 million fans now, almost 63,000 on April 21. The show also debuted an iPhone app on April 12.

More television shows followed.  “South Park” was at number 11, experiencing big jumps of almost 57,000 and 36,000 on the aforementioned days, although on April 14 the show aired its 200th episode, too. Comedy “Two and a Half Men” came in at fourteenth place, experiencing a jump of about 73,000 combined during the two consolidation periods, although the show’s star Charlie Sheen has been making appearances in the gossip rags due to martial problems recently.

The Office” took the number 15 spot, growing more than 63,000 between the jumps to almost 1.4 million fans and “Lost” came in at number 18, growing almost 66,000 with the consolidations and almost passing 2 million fans.

There were plenty of politics or politics-related Pages on this week’s list, too, because big elections are set for May.

Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus’ Page was fifth this week, experiencing a huge spike of 134,400 fans on April 15, adding a big chunk to his total fan base of more than 390,000. Mockus is the former mayor of Bogotá, a candidate with the Green Party and has a really well-designed Facebook Page that rivals many others we’ve seen. The Colombian Green Party’s Page joined the candidate on our list this week, taking the number 8 spot, adding more than 96,000 fans in the past week to its 313,000 total, probably partly due to anticipation of the May 30 election.