TeleRead Hires New Editor-in-Chief

Our readers may have noticed the relative quiet last week at TeleRead, an ebook blog owned by Napco.  That blog was thrown into disarray by the sudden departure of Paul Biba, the long time editor-in-chief, who left to pursue other goals.

Today I am pleased to report that TeleRead has a new editor. Dan Elridge will be taking over the reins as of today. Elridge is a relatively new employee at NAPCO, and has been there just over a month. I’ll let him tell you more about himself:

“Incidentally, it has occurred to me that some of you might be curious to know a little about my own background, so I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you just a bit about myself: I currently work as a managing editor for a number of different print publications produced by NAPCO’s Consumer Technology Publishing Group. I’m fairly new to the company, however; I’ve only been here for a little over a month.”

“Prior to being brought onboard at NAPCO, I worked full-time from a home office as a freelance journalist. Throughout my career, I’ve covered everything from international travel and independent music to commercial real estate, entrepreneurship, and of course, the very wide world of publishing. I’ve also worked with a fairly large number of publishing companies over the years, helping them to produce everything from alt-weeklies to glossy magazines to online publications, and nearly everything else in between. I once spent a summer working for an English-language magazine published for backpackers in Istanbul, Turkey, for instance.”

There haven’t been any announcements yet on a change in focus, coverage, or staff but I wouldn’t have expected to hear anything this soon. The departure and arrival if editors happened far too suddenly for plans to have been developed.