Telecommuting A Perk Worth Paying For

A new survey of telecommuters from office equipment company Staples shows that telecommuters are so attached to their benefits that they’d give up a lot to keep them.

More than half (54 percent) said they’d give up their favorite TV show to continue working from home; 40 percent would give up their favorite food.

The same number, 4 in 10, said they’d take a pay cut to be able to continue to telecommute.

Now, this survey from Staples was meant to tell both telecommuters and the people they work for that everyone should buy a good office chair and an ergonomic keyboard. So take this with a grain of salt and the silly Friday news it is.

It is true, however, that according to a Forrester Research report from a few years back, the number of telecommuters in the US is expected to rise to 63 million by mid-decade.

Would you take a pay cut for the option of working from home?