Teens And Adults Slam Each Other On Twitter With Equally Ridiculous Hashtags

Twitter: The place where old and new collide in every way. It’s the place where wit wins the day and where bullies of every variety can feel a little better about themselves by making someone else feel a little ‘less.’

And the latest war of words to take Twitter by storm is a hashtag battle between teens and adults – and it’s pretty funny. And kind of sad.

The stuff teens tweet about is just mindless drivel, isn’t it? Proving this fact, you’ll find a bunch of witty adults’ observations tagged with #FollowATeen. These adults follow random teens and then share what those teens are tweeting, like this:

Yeah, it’s pretty stalker-creepy-weird.

And guess what? Some teens got offended by it! If this surprises you (as it apparently surprises some of these adults), you’ve spent too much time online and have forgotten how to interact in society.

#FollowATeen is a way to make fun of teens – no one likes to be made fun of. And yes, pissy parents – it’s a form of bullying. You know, that stuff you so desperately want to do away with online?

But, no worries – teens are now fighting back with #FollowAnAdult. It’s pretty ridiculous/age-ist/funny and mean too – just like the adults modeled for them. Lesson learned, adults – way to go!

So yes, they’re both funny hashtags to follow – you should definitely check them out. One thing you’ll probably notice: Both groups are equal parts witty, boring and mean-spirited. Ignore the bitter folks or it will ruin the fun for you.

The big question though: How long do you think it will take before people start getting angry? It’s all fun and games till something hits too close to home. And it’s easy to see the slow boil starting already:


(Image from Shutterstock)