Teen’s Death Is Eerie Reminder About Stranger Danger Online

Hannah Truelove is said to have been a shy teen. And although external beauty isn’t the measure of a person, friends say her inner beauty was equally striking.

She was found dead this past Friday night, just behind the apartment complex where she lived with her mom. Police suspect social media played a role – and they’re looking at Twitter specifically.

The 16-year-old Truelove was very active on social media, with one friend saying she knew something was wrong when Hannah hadn’t replied to texts or Facebook posts.


Truelove sent out some tweets in the days leading up to her death that are giving readers a chill in hindsight:


Police are now saying that they believe she was lured to the spot where she died by someone she knew – and they’re also sharing that the young girl died a violent death.

Friends are remembering her using the #HeartsforHannah hashtag if you want to send condolences. What a sad story.

Please make sure your children and friends understand the dangers online, specifically:

  • Be aware of what you share online – sharing too much personal information is never a good idea
  • Never, ever meet someone you met online by yourself (if you must meet them IRL at all)
  • Take threats seriously and report them to police

Have you had any scary online/offline interactions that caused you to change online behaviors?

(Picture of Hannah Truelove from @hannahtruelove public pics)

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