Have Teenagers Taken Over Vine?

The staff of BuzzFeed FWD recently conducted an unscientific study to assess what’s changed about Vine since its launch in January.

Their finding? The teens have taken over, turning Vine into “Snapchat in public.”

Using VinePeek, which streams new Vines as they’re posted, the team found that, after watching 152 Vines and taking note of each six-second-video’s apparent user age, the content broke down as follows:

– 103 teens
– 24 non-teens
– 25 unidentifiable ages

That comes down to more than 80% teenage content on Vine.

I decided to conduct my own, smaller-scale version of BuzzFeed’s experiment just to gauge whether or not I had the same impression. Here are a few representative examples of Vines I saw over the course of about 5 minutes (roughly 50 Vines):

So… yeah. I’d say I agree with BuzzFeed’s conclusion.

The observation isn’t all that surprising, given teenagers’ take to ultra-visual social platforms like Tumblr and Instagram. Plus, it’s not like the fact that the demographic skews toward teens will affect anyone else’s experience on Vine – you only see posts from the people you follow, after all.

The takeaway here might be to stay away from VinePeek, unless you want your eyeballs to be abused by teens smoking weed, screaming, and goofing off at school.

To see examples of actual quality Vines, check out the Tribeca Film Festival’s #6SecFilms contest finalists.

(Image via Shutterstock)