Teenage Son of New York Times Magazine Features Editor Casually Lands a Byline

A sublime contribution about slime

Silas Silverman is right there, next to Alan Dershowitz.
Headshot of Richard Horgan

WWD’s Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke has the advance details about The New York Times for Kids, a special print-only supplement aimed at readers ages nine to 12 that will be part of this Sunday’s editions.

While the front page of the section carries an Editor’s Note that warns, ‘This Section Should Not Be Read by Grown-Ups,’ at least one adult is going to find that directive very hard to adhere to:

New York Times Magazine features editor Ilena Silverman’s 13-year-old son Silas was visiting the office one day when his expertise as a kid came in handy. After reviewing the line-up of stories and wondering why there wasn’t one about the current trend of making slime, he ended up with a byline.

Nice work, Silas! Mom doesn’t tweet a whole heck of a lot at the personal end, but this coming Mother’s Day, a familial shout-out might be in order. One of the other folks with a byline: Alan Dershowitz. To learn what his piece is about, read on.

Meanwhile, in the simultaneously timed NYT release, there is this fascinating tidbit. In concert with the special section, ‘a kid-focused version of The Times’s “Truth is Hard” brand campaign will debut.’

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