Teen Virtual World Habbo Hotel Signs on with Facebook Connect

Teen virtual world Habbo Hotel quietly introduced Facebook Connect to its site late last month, in a move intended to increase engagement between it and Facebook — and, the company hopes, to get some of Facebook’s 350 million monthly active users joining its 15 million-strong service.

The integration lets you sign in on its home page or through a Facebook application, confirming with Habbo that “you accept that your facebook friends will have information about your real name in Habbo.” (For teens looking to keep their Habbo identities anonymous, the Connect integration might not be so interesting). In order to link accounts, you also have to provide your Habbo Hotel username and password. Note that Habbo seems to have created apps for each of its 31 countries; here’s Habbo UK’s traffic, for example, in AppData.

Once their accounts are synced, Habbo users can share a variety of information back to Facebook via Connect so friends can see when they build rooms, train pets, send gifts, etc. Many social game developers have gained millions of new users by getting people to share information from games with their friends — FarmVille gifts are a good example of that. Habbo, it seems, has been paying attention.

“Also brands wanting to engage with our international Habbo communities will benefit from the increased viral effect,”  as Timo Soininen, chief executive of Habbo parent Sulake, said in the press release. A branded virtual gift in Habbo, for example, can now appear in the Facebook news feed, too, which could make the company more money.