Teen girl dies trying to chase down iPhone thieves

ios-7-activation-lock iphone theftAn iPhone robbery turned deadly when a girl died after sustaining injures trying to save her phone. The teenager, Rubi Rubio, was only 15. She was walking with her 7-year-old sister when a stranger approached the girls and asked for the time. He then took the phone away from Rubio by force.

The thief then ran into an escape vehicle, a silver Pontiac, that was driven by another accomplice. That’s when Rubio jumped onto the trunk of the escape car. Witnesses said the driver repeatedly swerved the vehicle in order to get her to fall off. She passed away days later from injuries sustained from the fall.

The iPhone has since been recovered by a resident who found it in the neighborhood after the suspects discarded the stolen device.

This is not the first iTheft that’s resulted in a death. In 2012, Hwangbum Yang was shot after refusing to hand over his iPhone. Likewise, Megan Boken was shot and killed in 2013 when a thief entered her car and demanded her iPhone. Other violent incidents include more shootings and stabbings, but killswitches might help them decline. According to the New York Attorney General’s Office, Apple’s introduction of the iPhone Activation Lock actually resulted in a drop in violent crimes. For those carrying phones without a killswitch, theft and violent crimes actually increased.

iphone theft

A decline in iPhone thefts following the adoption of Apple’s Activation Lock, the first kill  switch-type solution commercially available in the United States, appears to validate the effectiveness  of the kill switch approach and counsel in favor of broad implementation. While Apple products  remain the most heavily targeted device for thieves, an analysis of crime statistics from three cities— New York, San Francisco, and London—reveal the same trend: after Apple introduced Activation Lock  on September 18, 2013, iPhone thefts fell relative to thefts of mobile devices without theft-deterrence features.

You can read the full report here.