Teen Arrested For ‘Terroristic Tweets’ – Do You Know What YOUR Little Angel Is Doing On Twitter?

If your teen is on Twitter, do you know what she’s doing? Is she posting pics that will damage her reputation for years to come? Is she harassing other people? Or maybe she’s threatening to blow up her school?

Parents would be surprised by how many teens tweet about blowing up their schools on Twitter. And the reason they’d be surprised is surprising too: They’re obviously not checking.

Chron News reports that a sophmore was arrested in Texas today after the FBI “alerted school officials to a terroristic threat on his Twitter account, a school spokesman said.”

A citizen reported the student’s Twitter post, [made at 8:45 p.m. Monday] which threatened to blow up the high school, to the FBI, who then alerted local authorities.

Harris County Precinct 3 deputies arrested the young man before school at around 6 a.m. Tuesday. The student is not named because he is a juvenile.

FBI agents told the district the student did not have the ability to carry out his threat, Frey said. He did not know the specifics of the threat.

The student remains in custody.

And kids tweet about blowing up their school all the time, really – and especially right now as they’re just returning from holiday break. Most are just wish-type posts:

But some could be taken as threats – and could land your teen in a big tub of hot water. All it takes is someone reporting the tweet to the FBI. They read every tip sent to them, you know – and if they suspect a tweet presents a credible threat, you’re in for a huge headache, Mom and Dad.

These “bomb threats” are nothing really, compared to some of the other misguided stuff teens post online. But, don’t worry. It’s probably all just harmless teen stuff.

But THIS kid belonged to somebody – and his parents apparently thought the same (he researched bomb-building online). And in any case, getting arrested for ‘terroristic tweets’ isn’t the stuff of a winning college application.

(Sneaky teen image from Shutterstock)

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