Ted Williams Speaks Out About His Decision To Leave Rehab On The Early Show

A lot of people assumed that Golden Voiced Ted Williams left rehab to return to the streets, drugs and booze in hand? But this morning Ted set the record straight on The Early Show.

Rumors have been flying about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice that became an overnight sensation last month, thanks to YouTube. After becoming an instant star, Williams crashed and burned after an altercation with his daughter and he agreed to enter rehab. Shortly after Williams entered rehab he decided to check out, leaving the followers of his story to wonder what had become of him. Had he left rehab to return to the streets, drugs and booze in hand? A lot of people assumed this was the case. But this morning Ted Williams spoke out on The Early Show to set the record straight.

I, for one, was incredibly happy to hear that Williams’ decision to leave rehab didn’t mean he had decided to turn to his old ways. Rather, he says that everything from reuniting with his mother and his daughter to his decision to enter rehab happened too quickly. Williams says that his decision to enter rehab “was probably a rushed decision. It was too much too fast and I was just not really focused on what I should be doing.” What he should be doing is, of course, as much voiceover work as possible.

Williams found out from some people in the Los Angeles voiceover community about a clean living, sober house and decided to move there so that he could do some voiceover work in California while staying sober and focusing on his own recovery and growth. Watch the video below or click here to watch it on the CBS website.

My fingers are crossed for Ted William’s success. I was disappointed when I had heard that he left rehab, thinking the worst, but I think it’s great that Ted is living in a sober environment and working on himself. We’re rooting for you Ted!

What do you think about Ted William’s decision to leave rehab, enter a sober living environment and make a go of it in the Los Angeles YouTube community? Oh, and how ’bout them teeth?